Why we are working in your neighbourhood

Did you know that Hydro Ottawa delivers electricity to more than 340,000 homes and businesses in Ottawa and Casselman?

Important COVID-19 Notice: As an essential and critical service provider to our National Capital Region, especially during a pandemic, you may see Hydro Ottawa crews working in your neighbourhood, ensuring you have a safe and reliable supply of electricity to your home, and for our city's hospitals, first responders, pharmacies and grocery stores.

At this time, 只有被认为是关键的或保持系统安全可靠运行所必需的工作或服务中断才会继续进行. By doing this work, which sometimes involves short planned outages, we avoid the potential for larger and longer disruptions at a later time.

作为我们承诺为我们的客户和我们生活和工作的社区提供安全可靠的能源的一部分, we regularly evaluate, 更换和升级整个配电系统的设备和基础设施

Being a critical service provider, our investments are made with our customers in mind. 投资范围从连接新客户、升级现有服务到为我们不断发展的城市扩大能力和更换老化的基础设施,  ensuring we can maintain safe and reliable electricity distribution to our customers.

If you see one of our crews working in your neighbourhood, they’re undertaking one of the aforementioned necessary investments.. 这可能涉及到工作人员在你的后院,路边或道路的权利. 它还包括管理我们设施或资产附近的植被,如架空线路或变压器. By doing this work, it helps maintain the system, meeting a growing demand, and prevent larger power disruptions in the future.

当我们在您的社区工作时,Hydro Ottawa希望您能得到足够的通知, especially if the work will require planned power interruptions to complete.

Why your neighborhood?

When planning service interruptions to support some of the work we do, 我们精心安排了时间和维修方法,将电力中断的持续时间和受影响的客户数量最小化.我们总是确保在工作开始前至少24-72小时通知受影响的客户. Customers can expect to be informed through physical letter distribution, phone, email, and/or a text/SMS message. Customers can sign up for planned power interruptions alerts via MyAccount.

Information on upcoming planned power interruptions can be found here.


Vegetation management

Vegetation Management

我们的林业检查员定期监测和收集架空电线附近的树木数据. They will trim trees that are directly in contact with a power line, or within three meters of a power line.

When trees are close enough to potentially contact overhead power lines, public safety and the uninterrupted supply of electricity can be compromised. 渥太华海德鲁有责任确保其配电系统的安全并可靠地运行, 包括确保我们的架空电线没有树木和其他植被,比如藤蔓.

As a property owner, 你有责任保持你的财产上的电线没有植被和树叶. If you notice a tree near an overhead power line, or you need a temporary outage to trim or remove trees on your property, submit a non-electrical service request online or contact us by telephone at weekdays between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (excluding statutory holidays).

To learn more about the trimming program and practices, read our Frequently Asked Questions and our Tree Planting Advice brochure.

Pole replacement

Hydro Ottawa has approximately 48,000 poles within its service territory.  定期检查和测试电杆的强度是很重要的,以确保电杆的寿命结束或损坏被识别和更换.  建筑活动可以发生在你的区域,从替换一个单极到替换城镇旧部分的大多数极. 这些更换已完成,以确保您所在地区的服务安全可靠.

Transformer replacement

变压器是我们整个服务领域内电力系统的重要组成部分, 并帮助管理从变电站到企业和家庭的电压. Transformers can be near a road or on the Hydro poles mentioned above. 我们还在我们的基础设施位于地下的社区中安装了挂式变压器. 定期检查,以确保没有影响的盒子或线内. 这项工作是必要的,以确保该地区的电力供应的安全和可靠性,以及客户从这些变压器馈电.

在Hydro Ottawa设备上或周围建造的栅栏和挡土墙等结构可能会阻止我们的工作人员更换/安装新设备. Hydro Ottawa公司将与客户合作,尽量减少搬迁,尽量减少对客户财产的损害. Vegetation such as hedges and trees may also have to be removed if they impede access.

Cable replacement

Hydro Ottawa has a portion of its infrastructure that is underground, however, 它仍然必须定期检查和测试,以确定其状况和优先更换.  更频繁地替换地下基础设施,不需要大量的挖掘,以获得访问基础设施被替换.  更换老化的地下电缆对于保持整个城市的家庭和企业的可靠服务至关重要.

Hydro Ottawa staff and contractors at your door

Hydro Ottawa公司的员工或承包商有时会上门询问施工活动,或留下门牌或信件. Most, but not all, of our employees will be wearing uniforms and carry an employee identification card. 我们授权的承包商将至少有以下一种物品用于识别:徽章, uniform, and vehicle.

Where our crews and contractors require access to your property to inspect, repair, replace poles or other electrical equipment, we will always attempt to notify you in advance before entering your property.

Easement and road right-of-way

Your property may contain a Hydro Ottawa easement. 这份地役权是渥太华Hydro公司在安装和维护其分配系统时对您的部分财产的合法使用权. 至关重要的是,地役权要保持干净,以便能够使用为你和你的邻居提供电力的设备.

Road right-of-way means, generally, 私人财产界线之间的土地带,由政府划出供公众使用和供旅行使用的土地带, or utility use and access, for example, traffic signs, traffic signals, and utility services.

Road closure and parking restrictions

为安全进行和完成工程项目,有时可能需要临时封闭道路. This could result in street lane closures and parking restrictions. To ensure vehicle, residents and staff safety, 将使用临时的绕行标志,引导交通和行人远离建筑工地.

Reinstatement work after excavation activities

In some cases, 可以使用挖掘活动和重型机械设备,如起重机和施工车辆, and there may be noise associated with the construction activities. If we need to access your property, 为了大家的安全,请把大门或栅栏打开,并保护你的宠物(把它们留在室内).

Wherever excavation activity occurs, 受影响地区将恢复到成品级,并施上表层土壤和草籽.

请注意,维护恢复工作是客户的责任, including the proper development of grass. Hydro Ottawa attempts to remove all extra fill used to fill pole holes, or trenches, however small amounts may be left in place when placing topsoil and seed. Plants should have no issues growing through this area.

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